What’s the difference between prams, pushchairs, buggies, stroller

baby-scratch-headThis is quite an easy one as far as I am concerned – But it really depends on where you are from, or should I say where you live. Is there much difference between the definition of prams, pushchairs, buggies and stroller?

Different stores choose different definitions but they are broadly the same, but the main international discrepancy is the use of the word stroller. In the US this seems to be a universal word for travel systems, pushchairs and buggies. As typical Brits we have complicated it and have three different names for ever so slightly different tweaks on the same thing. Important to define these separately though I think, don’t you?

In fact you can almost separate these by weight as far as I am concerned.


pram…is an all encompassing word which could mean anything that you push your child around in, from lie flat carry cots to lightweight buggies. Confusing huh? Actually this is a bit of an old fashioned word, derived from the latin perambulator, which means a baby carriage. (yawn!). So technically that does cover everything.


For me this is the heavier ‘baby carriage’ system, usually associated with a travel system.


Buggies are the very lightweight prams that you use for a child over 6 months. These can be quickly folded into the boot of a car and are really light.


Although we do use this word in the UK, to describe a buggy, it is mostly an American word, which seems to be an alternative to pram, the all encompassing word over the pond.

Any Americans out there say any different? Please feel free to leave a comment. I’m always willing to learn.


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