Brands Overview

So where to start in the minefield of travel system brands? Do you choose one for price, for being light weight, for design, for fashion, for foldability, or none of these things. This section aims to give you an overview of each of the brands and what they offer overall. Each has its own perception.


TBugaboohis brand is considered, and with good reason, to be the cream of the crop. And the price reflects this too. But something about it, its finish is impeccable, the way it all fits together in that ‘click clunk’ sort of way. The materials used. It is definitely top of the range.  I would say as well that it can be a bit of a status badge. For well off mums. For those that had a career on hold for now. But that’s just my opinion. I wish I could have had one to be honest!


Silver Cross

silver crossThere is a top of the range selection of travel system brands and they include, as far as I am concerned, the top 5 brands, in terms of customer perception and actual quality. These are Bugaboo (above), Silver Cross, Quinny and Stokke. These are so placed because of a number of factors, each outlined in their various sections. Silver Cross is not so readily available as other systems, perhaps because it more exclusive.




Mamas & Papas


Phil & Teds




Mothercare own


Kidiicare Own


Maxi Cosi


















Baby Jogger


Concord Neo


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