The Best Baby Travel System

So what is the best baby travel system for you?

I thought it would be helpful if I listed my 3 favourites below as I struggled to decide which one was my absolute favourite overall. Everyone has different requirements and different lifestyles that each pram features something different that is appealing or that doesn’t work. Hopefully you would have had a chance to have read about what you should be considering when purchasing which I have outlined on this page, and had a look at the comparison feature on this page which outlines your requirements so I hope has helped you to select the best baby travel system for you. I have also included an option for those with a larger child to cater for, maybe a toddler.


1st Place – The Phil & Teds Navigator V2


Phil and teds full system

british flagBest price in the UK: £936.99 from


us flagBest price in the US: $649.98 from (for just the stroller and second seat) See my full review for full details of additional extras


Just for sheer ingenuity, and the awesome (which is not a word I often use) use of space, this double pram, not for twins but for an older child and a newborn right up to 5 years, is just astounding. I didn’t realise how nifty it was until I had one myself. I had an older version which was clunky but with the lighter frame and the same technology used, it really is the cleverest thing. For a full review, please go to the review page, but the key features for me that makes this the best is that it does EVERYTHING!

– It glides over rough terrain, with airfilled tyres and on a 3 wheel system which is so easy to turn

– The ability to carry two children at all different levels is very clever. Check out the video on my reviews page. You can have a new born in a cacoon underneath and an older child (up to five) on the top, and then as the baby gets bigger you swap them around so the baby is at the top and the larger child at the bottom.

– And the best thing is it feels on marginally bigger than a pram for one child.

– Adapts to fit a car seat.

But it’s the way it all fits together that I just love. It’s just SO clever. Ok, enough gushing. You can see my full review here


2nd Place – Quinny Moodd


british flagBest price in the UK: Black for £935 from Or £825 from Direct2Mums (without the car seat)


us flagBest price in the US:  Natural Delight / Black for $1,049 from


Quinny Mood Grey

I love this Quinny Moodd because it’s just so funky. And just so different. You really notice them in the street when you are walking around. I always used to find myself looking for the badge just to check out which model it is. It’s sort of circular in a way. And the finish is outstanding. I mean you would expect that at this end of the price range. A few little feature specifics that I love:

– Your baby just looks like a king being pushed around holding onto the bar

– I’m a sucker for a great wheel. A bit sad but its true. It makes the difference in terms of ride smoothness and this wheel does the job. Super smooth and super manoeuvrable. Perfect!

– And a great sized basket to store all your goodies.

But the main thing is the sheer quality of this travel system. A beautiful piece of kit. You can see my full review here


3rd Place – Hauck Twister


Hauck Twister trio

british flagBest price in the UK:  Available in brown / chocolate for £420.27 from or for £438.95 from Direct2Mums 


us flagBest price in the US: Available in brown / chocolate ONLY for $587.66 from (please note that this doesn’t come with a carrycot, you would have to buy that separately.


Now this is a surprise entry for me. I had never even heard of the Hauck brand before doing these reviews. But I have been surprised. So surprised to feature one in my top three. For me it’s about the balance between price and quality. It’ a very reasonable price, so don’t expect the finish of a Bugaboo, but I think you would be pleasantly surprised. The main benefits for me:

– The main feature is the ability for each attachment (the carrycot, the car seat and the puschair to rotate 360 degree around the pram axis. Very clever stuff.

– It’s main pushchair is so lightweight there is no need to change to lightweight stroller somewhere down the line

– Everything fits together so beautifully. It’s stereotyping to blame it on German engineering, but they can’t helping staying to form. Alot of thought has gone into this design

– As I have mentioned I can’t get over the price. It sits at the lower end of the market, but I just think its a fantastic deal.

Form and function at a fraction of the price. You can see my full review here. 

The Hauck Twister is the top of the range of the Haucks, but if you are looking for something considerably cheaper, but still with the amazing engineering and incredible value for money have a look at the Hauck shopper trio or the Hauck Miami trio. Amazing prices!.


Please let me know if you have any other favourites!

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