Hauck Travel System Twister – The Super Fancy One


The third of the Hauck systems that I am reviewing, this baby travel system is the top of the range for Hauck. So you are still getting really great value for money, but this one has a special feature: All attachments are able to swive, around 360 degrees! Funky! This system looks plush and looks incredibly comfortable for your baby. I wouldn’t mind a lie down in the carrycot myself.

And, as with all the Haucks, it is very lightweight.



Travel System Name: Hauck travel system Twister Trio

Included: Comes with pushchair / stroller, carrycot and car seat

Colours: Brown / Chocolate, Green / Lime, Beige / Sand

british flagBest price (full system): £420.27


us flagBest price (full system) : $587.66

  • Available in brown / chocolate ONLY for $587.66 from Amazon.com (please note that this doesn’t come with a carrycot, you would have to buy that separately.


Have a look at this Hauck video which should shed some more light, but I’ve put down some further thoughts below that. You can really see how the 260 rotation works in this video.

Pushchair Element – Seat

Hauck twister pushchairI love the 360 twister function on this stroller. It’s just so nifty, and I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else. Perfect to angle your child out of the sun or if there is a view to see or if you just want to turn them from parent facing to outward facing.

The seat is comfortably padded, and has adjustable straps so is good as your baby grows.  It reclines to flat very neatly and you can do this with one hand. It also has an adjustable foot rest which makes the full recline more comfortable and no dangling legs!


Hauck Twister car seatCar Seat

The car seat has adjustable harness and headrest insert so that its supremely comfortable with ths plush fabric, it gives a real high quality feel.  The quality design has a side impact protection system which ensures your baby’s safety at all times. It also has special patented shock absorbing foam in the case of the car seat for extra security.

This is all part of the trio twister system.



Hauck Twister carrycotCarrycot

There is a hard sided carrycot included in this system, and can be used from birth. It includes the soft padded mattress and the apron that goes around the top to keep baby snuggly in the cooler weather. As with all elements of this travel system, the carrycot can be rotated 360 degrees.



Smoothness of the Ride

The wheels on this system are not airfilled, as with all the other Haucks, which means that you don’t get the absolute smoothest ride. Although, having said that, it does have suspension which means that lumps and bumps wont be felt by your baby. Regardless of this I still believe this is a very good system. The front wheels are lockable which gives you that extra control.

Hauck Twister trio

Hauck twister foldabilityFoldability

One of the real strengths of this system is how lightweight the aluminium frame is, which means that not only is it a stroller that can be used as your child gets alot older without having to lug around a cumbersome piece of equipment, but that it is easy to fold with one hand. And then to lift into your car. And it folds down to be really compact, again, making it really practical for really long term use.


Other Smaller Features

Bumper bar: In front of the baby to secure them in and be somewhere for them to hold

Basket: The basket appears a bit shallow on this Hauck, but there is a substantial amount of space between the basked and the base of any of the attachments so that you can fill it up quite high.

Apron: This is similar to a footmuff, which clips onto the front of the pushchair seat, and keeps your baby really warm in winter. It’s very neat this and easy to put on.



british flagBest price (full system): £420.27


us flagBest price (full system) : $587.66

  • Available in brown / chocolate ONLY for $587.66 from Amazon.com


I do recommend buying a travel system online as this is the best way to see how it fits in your house and your car boot. All of the sellers I have recommended have a great returns policy, so if it doens’t work for you, you can easily return it!

If you like this pram, why not look at the other Haucks, which are a little cheaper, the Hauck Shopper Trio or the Hauck Miami Trio. Or if you want something different in this price range, consider the Graco Quattro Tour



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  2. Thanks for your post. The Hauck Travel System is now on the short list for future purchase. Have another grandchild on the way and want to surprise my daughter.

    She is a petite Lady and I was wondering, how much does the Hauck Travel System weigh?

    I also like the big wheels, looks like it would be easy to push in the grass.

    • Yes it really is a great system. I have the weights below. I should probably add them to my review!

      Pushchair weight (frame and seat): 12.3kg

      Car Seat: 3.7kg

      Carrycot Weight: 3.85kg

      I hope that helps!

  3. Your simplyPrams website is especially interesting to me because I recently became a grandmother. My daughter is 30 and in 30 years products change. With a young one, you definitely need a travel system and the Hauck seems affordable considering you are getting a stroller, carrycot and car seat.

    The foldability and lightweight frame are very important features. We ended up buying an extra lightweight stroller.

    I wish I had known about Hauck months ago!

  4. great post. absolutely loved it. The Hauck Travel System is definitely something which i am interested in getting hold of. family member has a child soon so i will be getting it for them as a gift . enjoyed the read and found it very informative.
    the smooth ride is something which i have been looking for for quite some time
    thanks a lot

    • Excellent, I am pleased I could help!. It really is a surprising system, and definitely worth consideration. A good bit of German Engineering! Any mores questions, please just let me know!

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