Hauck Travel System Miami Trio – The Modern Hauck


For me, this is a really good quality travel system, and ever so reasonably priced for what you get. It’s very slick and just looks so neat. It has the look of a Quinny with the oval surround of the pushchair, but without the price tag. The German engineering means that it all slots together so seamlessly.

And it is still so lightweight, that you wouldn’t have to replace it with a stroller when your baby gets older. Genius!



Travel System Name: Hauck travel system Miami Trio

Included: Comes with pushchair / stroller, carrycot and car seat

Colours: Caviar / Silver

Best price (full system): £239.99


Have a look at this Hauck video which should shed some more light, but don’t forget to read MY thoughts on it after that..

Pushchair Element – Seat

Hauck Miami with pushchairThis seat is very slick. Its very simple, there are no frills, no extra padding, no side padding; just a nice firm comfortable seat, thats really easy to keep clean. I’m not sure that your baby would fall asleep so easily in here, but then by the time he’s ready for the sit up stroller function he is probably less likely to do so anyway.

The seat has a 3 point recline right down to lie flat, which is very straightforward to adjust.


Car Seat

The car seat has adjustable harness and headrest insert so that its supremely comfortable.  The quality design has a side impact protection system which ensures your baby’s safety at all times. It also has special patented shock absorbing foam in the case of the car seat for extra security.

This is all part of the trio system.



Hauck Miami CarrycotThis hard sided carrycot is great for newborns up until 6 months, to keep them sleeping for longer. Its a hard sided carrycot, which makes it very secure. And padded with a mattress.




Smoothness of the Ride

For me this is the main drawback of this travel system. There is suspension included, which is great, but when the wheels are not air filled I always feel a little disappointed. Or at the very least, rubber. These are plastic wheels which explains the price, but they do make the ride a little more bumpy. But as I said.. For the price, it’s  still a very good system.



The frame is very lightweight but still sturdy which makes it easy to manoueve but also easy to fold with one click and with one hand, which believe me, is a bonus. As it’s so lightweight, it really does fold down to quite a compact size which fits into the boot of most cars. This is the balance of having a smaller pram, is the ease of moving it around.Hauck Miami 4 Trio Set Travel System Caviar-SilverOther Smaller Features

Bumper bar: In front of the baby to secure them in and be somewhere for them to hold

Basket: A very generous sized basked which is always one of my favourite features.



This trio set is available in Caviar / Silver (as in the pictures) for £249.99 from Direct2Mums or £239.99 Amazon


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