Graco Quattro Tour Travel System Review – Built for Strength


The Graco Quattro Tour Travel System (deluxe) is well known for its sturdiness. It’s a travel system in which your baby would be safe, and you would feel safe pushing them around in it. It’s supremely comfortable and a lot of consideration has been to your baby’s comfort with padding in all the right places. It’s a travel system which is priced at the lower end of the market so you can’t expect the premium finish and superior technology as with some other travel systems, but the Graco still has A LOT going for it!

It comes as a travel system which includes the main pushchair, the car seat and the softsided carrycot. you will have to buy a car seat base or a raincover separately. This only comes in black, which to be honest is the best colour for a baby. I once had a pram with white sections in it.. SUCH a bad idea!



Travel System Name: Graco Quattro Tour Travel System

Included: Comes with pushchair / stroller, carrycot and car seat

Colours: Black – keep it simple

british flagBest price (full system): £249.95


us flagBest price (full system) $1,017.57


Have a look at this video to see how it all fits together. This is an oldish video so make sure you check you pack contents from the place you buy. Sorry, that’s stating the obvious!

Pushchair Element – The Seat

Graco Quatro tour deluxeThe well padded seat can be used from birth with use of the cocoon, or carrycot which can be inserted into the seat position with the lockable function to keep it secure. The strong aluminium frame ensures that the main seat is kept firm but the padding keeps it comfortable. Also there are 5 recline positions from up straight to lie flat which is great for days out and sleeping babies.

The tray is a lovely feature too, and gives a place for an older child to play and eat, keeping them happier for longer. Ideal. It does also perform some function as well.

Unlike some other prams there is only one position for this seat which is outward facing


Car Seat

Graco car seat quattro tourThere is a car seat included in the travel system which is suitable from birth. It has a headrest insert which is adjustable as the child grows. There is also a sun canopy, but I found this didn’t keep much sun away from the baby as it is quite a shallow canopy. However, this can be a problem with alot of car seats.

Just a note, you often don’t get the click and fix base with a travel system, so make sure you factor this into your buying decision.

The position for this seat is facing towards the parent which is what you want when the baby is small enough for this seat.


Graco baby cacoonIncluded with this system is a soft style carrycot, which is great for transporting from the pram back into the house and can be locked into the main pushchair seat. It’s lovely and comfortable looking, and does the job. It is a good alternative to the bulky hard sided ones that come with some travel systems.


Smoothness of the Ride

With rubber wheels as instead of plastic you can be sure they not only last longer but are much easier to push. The suspension is a key feature and guarantees a smooth ride. In fact, I think it’s amazing that some prams don’t have this. The lockable wheels make it easily manoeuvrable too in the city or on rougher ground.



There is a very nifty system here which is a ‘one hand’ system to fold the pram. You can see this is more detail in the video above. However, the foldability of this pram and the weight seem to be the biggest drawbacks for this system. It folds to quite a large size, so you will need to be aware of this for your car size or any storage. But the biggest complaint is its weight. At nearly 26lbs It can be cumbersome to lift, definitely with one hand, but sometimes even with two. However, this is the trade off with a sturdy frame.

Graco Quatro tour deluxe side

Other smaller features

This system is packed with lovely little extras.

Cups and trays: There is not one but two cupholders, so Mum AND Dad can enjoy their coffee. And of course the tray at the front which is great for baby and keeping her happy when you are out and about. Most prams just have a bar which are for safety really but this goes the extra mile

Basket: This Graco has a particularly large basket, which collapses so you can access it. Fantastic idea. I love a large basket as you always need to carry something!

Sun Shield: The sun shield is great. It provides fantastic all over coverage, and can be zipped off in places to become more lightweight. With thought going into providing windows and air vents to keep the baby happy and at a nice temperature.

Clock: Yes there is a clock and a temperature guage too. Nice touch.



british flagBest price (full system): £249.95


us flagBest price (full system) $1,017.57


I would recommend buying online as you can check the size of the stroller system in your car and in your on home and if you don’t like it, all of the retailers I have recommended have a solid returns policy so you can’t lose out

If you like this pram you might also be interested in the Hauck Miami or the Baby Trend Expedition

You will have to buy a separate car seat base though!





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