Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Review – The Classic One


This is the classic as far as I am concerned. And its so adaptable. There is just something about this pram that wins it for me. It’s finish is supreme, and the quality of the materials is second to none. It doesn have a higher price tag, but you get what you pay for in this world. (not that I could have afforded it). It is adaptable to add a variety of accessories and fold so simply.. Anyway, I will stop gushing and here is some actual useful information.



Travel System Name: Bugaboo Cameleon 3

Included: Comes with pushchair / stroller and carrycot only. You would have to purchase a Maxi Cosi car seat too.

Colours: Sand, Khaki, Navy, black, Alu/Dark

british flagBest price (full system): £875

  • You can get this system in Sand (without carseat) from John Lewis for £875.00,
  • Or in Khaki from John Lewis for £875


us flagBest price (full system): $1,029


Have a look at this video from Youtube to give you more of an idea of how it all fits together

moving bugaboo


Pushchair Element – Seat

This seat is super comfy, which is great for getting little ones to fall asleep in – (surely a bonus). There is a 3 position recline right down to lie flat. In addition you can change the direction so it is forward or rearward facing. A 5 point safety harness makes sure they are really secure. The premium finish, for me, is in the fabric which is much easier to keep pristine than other prams, and it is so well padded that it just looks like your baby will love it in there. Included is a bar that sits over the baby’s stomach, which is optional to use, to keep them secure but can be swivelled to let them out. Generally it has a small neat chassis that always look slick. One of the key interesting features is the ability for the handle to flip over the entire pram so that you can change the direction of the seat but the wheels as well. This means that you can suddenly wheel on the beach or through gravel where other pushchairs cannot go


maxi cosiCar seat

To make this a true travel system you can add a maxi cosi car seat with some adapaters which will both be sold separately. The maxi cosi is the most popyular car seat out there and you choose a colour to suit your Bugaboo. You can just buy it as it is and secure it in the car with a seatbelt or with an isofix base. it’s totally up to you.




The carry cot is beautifully made and looks just so comfortable. It’s sturdy and secure for your little one to sleep peacefully, and even for some that I know, to use as an alternative to a Moses basket in those early days. It has a breathable mattress which is suitable for those early days. And it squashes flat for easy transportation.


Smoothness of the Ride

With large airfilled tyre, like those you would get on a bicycle, it is really great to move around. There is suspension fitted to this pram, which makes easy work of those lumps and bumps in the road. You can adjust the suspension on the front wheels to 4 different settings, all of which are for different terrains, and the wheels detach easily making adapting for these straightforward.



You would think you would need a Range Rover to travel around with this pram, but using the white buttons, you can fold this seat by pushing these buttons and then pushing it to the floor, once the seat unit has been taken off of course. It folds down pretty small and can fit into a small car boot.  Although it does have a bit of a knack,  you need to read the manual to make sure you get it right as the first effort isn’t always straightforward.

bugaboo system



Footmuffs: These are second to none footmuffs, so worth it in the winter.

Snow wheels: Yes you can buy these, although I’m not so sure they are in massive demand in this country!

Different colours: You can buy different colour hoods, aprons for the carrycot, different baskets, whatever you like really, and everything is interchangeable.


Other smaller features

Buttons: Similar to the Quinny, the Bugaboo features all of its buttons in white so that you know which ones to press when you want something done.

Basket: This bag is rather large compared with alot of prams, but I think this is a plus. It also closes with a drawstring to keep all your possessions in. It clips simply to the frame so is easy to use.

Sun Shield: Or sun canopy has several segments which means you can go for partial coverage or full coverage. It can cover almost the entire seat from the sun.

Brakes: This pram has a handbrake which is quite unusual, but nonetheless serves its purpose very well.



This system is strange in that it doesn’t really lose its value much. You can sell second hand bugaboos for a really good price on ebay, so you are getting a lot of your money back. Something to consider?


british flagBest price (full system): £875

  • You can get this system in Sand (without carseat) from John Lewis for £875.00,
  • Or in Khaki from John Lewis for £875


us flagBest price (full system): $1,029


I do recommend buying online as you are able to test the product out in your own home and put it into your car which you wouldn’t be able to do in a store. And with Amazon, or any of the other retailers I have researched, you can very easily return the system if it isn’t right for you.

If you like this pram and would like to see something similar, try the Quinny Moodd

If you have any questions on this stroller travel system, please let me know below.

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