Baby Trend Expedition Review – The Pure Jogger

The Baby Trend Expedition Travel System is intended to be a jogging stroller travel system. This is characterised by the large wheels and the design has been carefully adjusted to make it easy for active mums to keep on the go. These systems are not readily available in retail stores, at least in the UK, although I’m not quite sure why as there a huge market out there for sporty mums who want comfort for their babies and at a really reasonable price. And there really aren’t that many jogging strollers out there. So you are best of purchasing these online if this is the brand that takes your fancy.

These travel systems come with a stroller / pushchair and a car seat with base. They do not come with a carrycot, but they are still technically a travel system. The are suitable from Newborn. It would probably be best to use the car seat for a newborn baby.



Travel System Name: Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System

Included: Comes with pushchair / stroller, and car seat with base

Colours: Black / Grey

british flagBest price (full system): £294.46



us flag

Best price (full system): $219.99


Have a look at this short video to give you more of an idea as to how this pram works and looks


Baby Trend expedition seatPushchair element – Seat

You have to remember with this system that you are not paying for top of the range gear. The prices is very very reasonable. There is adequate padding on the seat, but don’t expect the luxurious feel of some of the top range seats. There is a 5 point harness for added security and the seat reclines to several different positions. There are several pouches around the side for storage reducing the need for bags etc, freeing you p for jogging.

There is a tray that sits in front of the baby which can be a play tray or has cup holders for a drink. This can be quite simply removed


baby trend expedition car seatCar seat

The car seat has a 5 point harness for extra safety, and adjustable straps for your baby’s size. It is suitable from birth. It has a triangular shaped handle which means it hinges nicely on your arm when moving around. It also has a strong waterproof hood that blocks the sun and the rain. The seat includes a headrest to make it really comfortable for a newborn. The car seat is intended to be main seat for a newborn baby as the pushchair seat isn’t appropriate for the first 4 months or until your baby has a stronger neck.

The car seat clicks onto the tray so that it can be in a parent facing position, which is what you want when they are so little.


Smoothness of the ride

The main feature of this Baby Trend Travel System is the ability to jog with it. It is superb for this function. It has a light frame, and the large air filled wheels are one of the largest around, not only making the ride smoother but the entire system more manoeuvrable. It really is quite easy to run with this stroller, and it can cope easily with sudden changes in terrain. I wouldn’t say that your baby would be able to sleep during the ride unless you were running on smooth gravel. It also is very good fro just everyday use, ie visiting the shops or about town. The wheels are lockable for more security when running, and I personally love a three wheeler!



This appears to be the main downside of this stroller. It folds very easily but one of the complaints is it doesn’t end up very compact. You can remove the wheels easily to help with this, but that’s not always the best suggestion. Serious runners sometimes just use this stroller for runs only. However, it is very lightweight which is really important when considering foldability.

Baby trend expedition


Other smaller features

Handlebar: The non slip handlebar ensures safety when running with a safety strap attached should you fall, you don’t want to lose a hold of the pram. However, it isn’t adjustable for height which may not work for some people.

Basket: The under seat basket is huge. It has a serious amount of space for storage. I do Love a really substantial basket.

Sun shield: The sun shield moves with the sun and is not attached at the back so that it can move to wherever you need it to.



Price depends on whether you buy the full travel system or not but the best prices are below

Colours: Black / Grey

british flagBest price (full system): £294.46



us flag

Best price (full system): $219.99

I do quite often recommend Amazon as they have a great returns policy which is perfect for trying out at home and then sending back if necessary.

If you like this system you might be interested in the Graco Quattro Tour or the Hauck Miami

Please feel free to ask me any questions below and I will come back to as soon as possible.

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