What Makes the Best Baby Travel System


Here are some of the things you can think about when deciding what makes the best Baby Travel System for YOU, things that I think are good indicators of a good system. All these are features that you can select through when you are looking at the comparison feature.


What elements are included

Be careful when you buy your system of what it actually comes with and what you had to add as aadditonal extras. I have outlined where you get the ‘FULL’ system, and where you have to piece it together. Neither situation is wrong, it’s just how the various stores put together their systems, but it’s just good to be wary of this. Make sure you know what you need for your baby’s age and for the way you want to travel. Hopefully my reviews will outline this clearly, if not you can contact me with any questions.

Generally speaking, a full travel system includes the pushchair and frame, the car seat and the carrycot, plus a variety of additional extras depending on the brand from sun canopies to rainproof covers. (although I have never seen a system that doesn’t provide both of these).

full system


The Smoothness of the Ride

The importance of this is underestimated, as it can make the world of difference in terms of how comfortable you are with your pram. You may end up being a pram walker like myself, spending hours walking around with a pram, and it’s important that the ride is smooth for you and for the baby. 3 wheelers are really good for this but the best feature is air filled large wheels, and even better, with integrated suspension.



This again is crucial as most of the time you have your hands full, usually with a bundle of joy, so you need your pram to be able to compress down, and pop up again, really easily. It’s really as simple as that. Also the next aspect of your pram also affects foldability so consider this too. (I don’t actually think foldability is a word, but I have made it one for this site!)



This is a large piece of kit and you want it to be safe and sturdy, so the lightweight expectation has to be adjusted realistically to allow for this. Lighter is obviously better for your back but within reason, and whilst still maintaining quality.



Easy to attach and reattach items

The different formats in which a travel system comes, the attachment of the car seat, to the carrycot to the pushchair, the ability to turn the seat easily to a different facing position, all of these things are vital to consider, as spending valuable time wiggling and pushing things with your feet to get them to fit into the right place is not only stressful when you don’t have the time but quite frankly, frustrating. Can you tell I have been there? Alot of the full systems are designed to make this simple. For example, Quinny and Bugaboo have different coloured plastic buttons so it is easy to identify where these key places are to slot your various parts into the right places.


Additional smaller features

Some of these features are really important. Such as handlebar height adjustment, depending on your family. For instance, my husband is alot taller than me, and on the system we had there was no adjustment so when pushing the pram he would always hurt his back.. so he tells me.

Things like brakes and sun shields are also highly important, so make sure you know what are the features here with the system you like. If you aren’t sure, please just contact me, and I will let you know.



These elements are really less important, but more of a nice to have feature. If you want an additional paprasol or cup holder, these usually don’t come as standard but its quite easy to pick them up as part of the package.





This is, of course, wholly subjective and depends on how much you have to spend. I hope I have outlined the value that you get for each system. The prices can range from near on £150 to near to £1500, so it’s a real range. That is why I hope my individual reviews and the comparison chart will help you come to a decision

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