How to Choose a Baby Travel System


So how should you choose that Baby Travel System? – What should you take into consideration?


baby and toddlerWhat does your child need?

  • How old is your child? Are you looking for a system for newborn baby or a toddler or both? For a start, newborns need to have an option to remain flat so the system you select should be able to lie fully back. Or if not, you can choose one which has a carrycot addition, which you can use to transfer them from a walk, straight back into the house. You should also have a car seat addition that can clip onto the pushchair frame.
  • If you are looking for both your newborn and toddler, or for twins, most brands have something for you to choose from.
  • Most travel systems allow you to adjust the facing so the baby can face you when he is small and turn away when he is older and wants to look around, and needs more distraction,
  • Some seats just look really comfortable, but how can you tell for sure? Keep an eye out for padding in the base (which can be removed when the baby is no longer a newborn), adjustable straps as the baby grows, secure hoods that can keep the sun out of his face, and a head rest or surround, for those floppy newborn necks.
  • Can the system adapt as the baby gets older? It may seem like an eternity but they won’t be little babies for long!

running with stroller

How does the system need to fit into your lifestyle:

  • Are you a bit more active or live in the countryside where you need a pushchair to have special wheels with suspension for rocky ground? 3 wheelers are great for this type of activity.
  • Would you like to take your pushchair for a run? There is a whole selection of systems designed for you
  • Do you have a small or a large car, so does it need to fold down as small as possible or is that not important?
  • Do you need a shopping basket incorporated
  • Do you use the car a lot or public transport. Consider a lightweight pushchair for manoeuvrability.
  • Where will you be storing your pushchair, think about the size of your home… Will it be able to fit through the door, this is especially important in the case of double buggies
  • Maybe think about whether you want to have more children so that a pushchair can be adaptable for two. The last thing you want is to go through this process and expense again with a whole new set of criteria.

money bags


What can you afford?

  • This can quickly get out of hand with travel systems, so make sure you have in mind what you can spend before you start looking. Although you might be surprised how much it all is once everything is included.
  • I will give you information on a range of items of all different prices, so hopefully you can find something to suit you in terms of prices as well as requirements.
  • As with everything, the more you spend the more you get. The expensive brands are that for a reason, they are the best quality and the most durable as well as having the best reputations, reviews and returns policies.


What elements do you REALLY NEED?

  • Before you start looking try to imagine your life with the baby and think about what you will really need. I was a victim of buying too much at once, things have still never been used! Do you really need the carrycot element? Do you need an umbrella accessory to protect from the sun? Can you buy a separate changing bag to replace the one that comes in the system?

I hope this has given you some food for thought. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Now time to do those product comparisons. Please visit the comparison page to find your perfect baby pram system.


  1. After having two boys and another one on the way, I’ve learned that you can live without most of those perceived necessities. But I’ve got another one on the way, making them all 18 months apart. So I’m eager to get a double stroller, but I’m torn as to whether it will just be a huge hassle in using it when I could just strap the baby to myself while holding the others’ little hands.

    • Thanks for your comments Sarah. And congratulations on your three boys! I would say that the prams today are so cleverly designed once you have the right one you will wonder how you coped without it, having two strapped in would be a weight off your mind. I would suggest, and one that I used myself is the Phil and teds double pram with the seats one in front of each other. It is so manoeuvrable and barely bigger than a standard pram. Your newborn slots into a little pod which goes under the main seat, and when he gets bigger they swap seats so that the older child is on top. I haven’t written a review for this one yet, but if you can look it up, it really is the most ingenious system. I hope they sell it where you live!

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