What’s the Best Baby Car Seat


The question of ‘what’s the best baby car seat’ has to be answered against two main criteria. There are so many different options out there to choose so where do we start?

– In terms of fitting into a baby travel system, to make a generalised statement about what is the best baby car seat is tricky, so I have based my decision on what I think is the one that universally fits MOST baby travel systems.

– In terms of safety I would recommend one that fits with an isofix system, but alot of car seats fix with either an isofix system or a seatbelt. Both are safe as not all cars have isofix installed (For those that don’t know an isofix system is a bar that sits in the back of your car seat which is solidly welded to the frame of the car. The car seat isofix frame clicks solidly onto this bar so it is firmly bolted to the frame of the car. Then the car seat slots into this base really simply with a click). However, a seat belt is still absolutely safe as it is used very securely for every other passenger in the car! So please don’t think this is a second choice safety option.

So the winner is…


maxi cosi

– For me, the best car seat is the Maxi Cosi, and within this the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix. My main reasons for this is that it is adaptable to so many different travel systems by using adapters which are easy to find, it has a study Isofix base, but can also fit with a seatbelt. And it looks great.

– Alot of thought has gone into the design. There is a removable headrest which is great for the really little ones, which comes with padding for under baby’s back which can be removed as they grow older. The straps are well padded but this can be removed too. My only negative is the sun shield which is a little fiddly as its fabric and needs to be stretched over the seat to reach clip onto the holders.

– Price wise it either comes as part of your travel system or you can pick one up individually from various stores. I have outlined some prices below..(If you have to buy yours separately, make sure you have the right adapators if you need them)


Best price

Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix car seat in Black at £131.34 from Amazon  or in Red at £129.17 from Amazon

Maxi Cosi easyfix Isofix Car seat Base in Black from Amazon 

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