First Prize for Modern Stroller Design goes to…

…the Hauck Twister Trio. This baby travel system is just so different to any of the others out there. And the reason for this is simply this one feature, it’s ability to twist on its axis 360 degrees for any attachment, the car seat, the carrycot, or the pushchair seat. Have a look at the video to really see how this works.


Clever huh! So many other pram systems seem to flounder at the functionality of parent facing and outward facing, and give it a half hearted attempt, but this one, really goes for it. Not only is it one or the other, but its all the way round!

But it’s not just this that I love about the system. Its so lightweight, there is no need to change to another stroller once baby is bigger, when you become tired of lugging around the big old baby one. In addition, it had a really luxurious finish making it look the part of an ‘executive pram’ as I like to call them. And finally and most importantly, the price is incredible. It’s just such a bargain. Have a look at the full review, and you decide.

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